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Google's API Services and Your Privacy Policy

Since APIs have broken into the technology world, they have been an integral part of online companies and websites. As Google has grown and extended into different apps and...

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Examples of "I Agree to Privacy Policy" Checkboxes

You have your Privacy Policy ready and available to your users, but for it to be legally effective you need your customers to agree to it. An "I Agree to Privacy...

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Terms and Conditions for SaaS

What is a Terms and Conditions Agreement and is having one important to SaaS companies? A Terms and Conditions Agreement (T&C) is one of the most important legal documents for...

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Will Brexit Affect Your Privacy Policy?

The passing of Brexit by the United Kingdom in 2016 has long-reaching effects. While you may think Brexit does not affect your company or how you do business with the...

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GDPR Cookies Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the main law covering the way organizations handle personal data relating to individuals in the European Union. It is a regulation rather than...

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